We are currently recruiting a Stylist and an Apprentice or Trainee. If you are stuck in a rut and fancy becoming a part of our professional, hardworking and friendly team, please give us a call on 01492 877793, email us or send your details to:

22, Augusta Street, Llandudno, Conwy, LL30 2AD

In your correspondence, please include following:

Your personal details (name, age, contact details etc)

  • Experience, outlining any possible referrals or points for referrals
  • Education, stating all certificates/degrees obtained in a chronological order
  • Any other comments you would like to add

Recruiting Models!!!

If you are a model or want to be one, why not contact our artistic team for a consultation on what we can do for YOU? Hey, you might end up on a runaway at a glorious night of finals and meet all the famous names in the industry with our hairstyling competition team!